Now we can care safely

They have been called the forgotten front in the war against Covid-19.

Diligent, devoted but under-equipped, they are the staff of Britain’s embattled care homes. But no one was feeling forgotten yesterday when Mail Force arrived at Shedfield Lodge care home bringing vital personal protection equipment.

Following a six-week ban on all visitors, the new charity – created by the Mail and its partners – could not have been more welcome.

‘This is a huge weight off all our minds. It’s just amazing,’ said Maria Willis, 32, head of care at this home near Southampton for 29 elderly residents with dementia. ‘It’s very touching to think that so many people out there want to help.’

We’ve got you covered: Maria Willis and Megan Wills with David Stephenson, 88, at Shedfield Lodge care home in Hampshire

Many of the duty staff, along with beaming resident David Stephenson, 88, came out to see the Mail Force van arriving with boxes of coveralls and masks. As it turned out, xác nhận danh tính trên facebook they could not have come a moment too soon. 

The last remaining supplies of face masks were due to run out on Sunday after multiple failures by the care home’s PPE suppliers which yesterday reported they had been ‘scammed’ by a fraudster and were going into liquidation.

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