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What does it mean to be a guitarist? I think that there isn’t any way I can describe it exactly. I think that we really need to understand what you did in the first two, three, four parts. If you don’t really put down all those parts, you’re missing out. So, I think you should focus on the first half of the part and move on with the two half. Then, the next two sections take your guitar, and the rest you’ve got to focus on the other half before moving on to the next half.

How about you share what you learned from working on this project with a handful of other musicians you’ve worked with?

I went on a little tour with the Beatles, they wanted me to do something for them. I think if you don’t understand all these things, you don’t understand your role. If you don’t get it, you’d be a fool. I think you can help the group out!

Do you have a favorite Beatles song?

No, I can’t remember, the Beatles are awesome right now, but it was probably the first day of The Beatles in 1966. I remember that there was not a whole lot of love between them. They went out on a tour together. I had a friend give me some Beatles advice. He said they were doing great, they had got to give everything they got, but no one would listen … and then I thought, “Damn, I love that song!”

Do you ever get an invitation to a concert or an award show on the street or something?

Not really. It’s just that in America all you get a tour through is not that much money for a singer. People usually don’t know any good best online guitar lessons youtube (this site) players, they don’t even know a good guitarist. Nowadays they do, and it is just the way it has to be.

Does it annoy you when bands like The Stooges, Stills or The Doors or others bring these guys in because of the money?

Not really. I can always make a joke or be funny about other things. Sometimes it just makes them feel bad or like they can’t live their lives like they are.

So, if The Beatles came to America in 1967 and they made it out of New York City and didn’t get in a cab, where is it supposed to stop?

Yeah? It’s like going to hell and back. It’s like Hell and back on a train in