The Risks With Steroids

With all the recent negative talk about steroids and the all the professional athletes being ousted in the media, steroids are surprisingly becoming more and more popular among everyday gym goers and student athletes

Anabolic steroids are classified as illegal drugs and are banned by most recognized sports organizations.

There can be no disputing the fact that testosterone promotes the development of muscles and aids performance. As there is no doubt that its use can adversely affect the health and wellbeing of users.

The androgenic properties of testosterone can affect the body in many ways but often users see these as inconveniences that can be treated by using other drugs. The most frequent side effects of testosterone supplementation include the following:

1. Testicle shrinkage – the body responds to testosterone overload by cutting back its own production of the hormone. This makes the testicles to shrink due to lack of use. When steroid usage stops, the testicles will grow again but they could take at least six months to return to normal size.

2. Addiction – despite some users trying to convince themselves differently, the outcome of steroid use can result in physical and psychological addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be serious with muscle shrinkage, weakness and loss of libido.

3. Growth of breast tissue – this strikes roughly one third of male steroid users. It is induced by the conversion of some excess testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. The breasts usually disappear when use of steroids ceases but in some cases they are permanent and may require surgical removal.

4. Baldness and skin conditions – excess testosterone can be changed over into DHT, an unfriendly bi-product that is responsible for male pattern baldness and oily skin.

5. Pain, bruising, infection and scarring may result from careless or incompetent injecting.

Many people have died as a result of steroid misuse and even those who take a careful, realistic approach have to accept that these health risks are unavoidable.

My advice is to don’t do them. Yes they are a quick fix if you’re looking to put on muscle mass or if you’re looking to gain an edge but in the long run they will hurt you big time!

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